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What is Community Acupuncture?

Effectiveness with acupuncture comes from frequent treatments.  We know from our experience that acupuncture treatment is a process.  It is very rare for any acupuncturist to be able to resolve a problem completely with one session, especially for chronic conditions. 


The usual American model of treatment once a week or once a month is primarily determined by cost.  Frequent treatment is much more likely to lead to quicker and deeper symptom relief.  Therefore, we establish sliding scale fees that allow for treatment more often.  Your practitioner will help determine with you a course of treatment, based on your conditions and wellness goals. 

We see patients in a comfortable group atmosphere, seated in recliners.  Although we see several patients within each hour, your session is customized and professionally engaged just for you.  Please see our welcome information letter for more details.

Affordable Health Care
  • Our fee minimum is $25* - feel free to pay what you can afford above this minimum!  We never ask you for proof of income - you decide what you can afford, based on your budgetary constraints and treatment frequency.  Some further guidelines are here.

  • We accept all forms of credit cards, local personal checks and of course, cash.  We use an electronic self-payment station in our reception area. 

  • There is a ONE-TIME additional $10 paperwork fee at your initial appointment. (*if you are paying at the minimum fee this would mean your initial visit is $35.)

  • We do not file or bill insurance claims.  If you would like to have a receipt for your treatment you can access through the self service payment station or request a detailed receipt from our office via email.

  • Payment is expected at the time of services.  If you cancel or miss your appointment without 24 hour notification, we charge the minimum cost of $25. (For a booked initial visit: $35). Someone else may have needed your spot and our practitioners will have also lost time and compensation for your appointment booking.

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